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Vandaag is het 21 October 2018

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Horse friends - math puzzle


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Three horses are standing in a triangular field, which is exactly 100 yards on each side. One horse stands at each corner; and simultaneously all three set off running. Each horse runs after the horse in the adjacent corner on his left, thus following a curved course, which terminates in the middle of the field, all three horses arriving there together. The horses obviously ran at the same speed, but just how far did they run?

The weathermen are always wrong - logic puzzle


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The local weatherman says No Rain, and his record is 2/3 accuracy of prediction. But the Federal Meteorological Service predicts rain, and their record is 3/4.

With no other data available, what is the chance of rain?

Verger - puzzling puzzle


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A very bright and sunny Day The Priest did to the Verger say: "Last Monday met I strangers three None of which were known to Thee. I ask'd Them of Their Age combin'd which amounted twice to Thine! A Riddle now will I give Thee: Tell Me what Their Ages be!" So the Verger ask'd the Priest: "Give to Me a Clue at least!" "Keep Thy Mind and Ears awake, And see what Thou of this can make. Their Ages multiplied make plenty, Fifty and Ten Dozens Twenty."

The Verger had a sleepless Night To try to get Their Ages right. "I almost found the Answer right. Please shed on it a little Light." "A little Clue I give to Thee, I'm older than all Strangers three." After but a little While The Verger answered with a Smile: "Inside my Head has rung a Bell. Now I know the answer well!"

Now, the question is:

How old is the PRIEST??