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Verger - puzzling puzzle


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A very bright and sunny Day The Priest did to the Verger say: "Last Monday met I strangers three None of which were known to Thee. I ask'd Them of Their Age combin'd which amounted twice to Thine! A Riddle now will I give Thee: Tell Me what Their Ages be!" So the Verger ask'd the Priest: "Give to Me a Clue at least!" "Keep Thy Mind and Ears awake, And see what Thou of this can make. Their Ages multiplied make plenty, Fifty and Ten Dozens Twenty."

The Verger had a sleepless Night To try to get Their Ages right. "I almost found the Answer right. Please shed on it a little Light." "A little Clue I give to Thee, I'm older than all Strangers three." After but a little While The Verger answered with a Smile: "Inside my Head has rung a Bell. Now I know the answer well!"

Now, the question is:

How old is the PRIEST??

Dear Jack... - logic puzzle


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You can complete the letter below negatively and positively by inserting . , ! or ? (You can not remove any words or change the order of them!)

Dear Jack,

I want a man who knows what love is all about you you are genious kind throughfull people who are not like you admit to being to uselers and infenor you have ruined me for other man I yearn for you I have no feelings what so ever when we are apart I can be forever happy - will you let me be yours Jill

Gleam, glitter, glow... - puzzling puzzle


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Gleam, glitter, glow,

They're moving very slow,

Sometimes on a smooth surface,

Often searching they\'re way down,

Between hunderds of obstacles,

They can be seen in every town,

Always moving and searching their way,

Again and again, everyday,

They merge and seperate with their species all the time,

And they can also be found, in this little rhyme.