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Vandaag is het 2 February 2023

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Insurance company - logic puzzle


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A man would like to take a new health insurance. An officer taking care of these matters says to the man: "Please tell me how many children you have." The man answers: "I have three of them." The officer: "What are the ages of your children?". The man answers: "The product of the ages is equal to 36." The officer replies: "This is not enough information Sir!". "Sorry that I was a little bit unclear, but the sum of the ages is equal to the number of shops in front of your office," says the man. The officer: "This still isn't enough information Sir!". The man replies: "My oldest child loves chocolate." The officer: "Thanks for your cooperation, I now know the ages."
Are you as smart as the officer? Then give the ages of the children.


The children are 2, 2 and 9 years old.