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Parental guidance - logic puzzle


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In former days my father and mother, Abandoned me dead, lacking breath
Or life or being. Then one began, A kinswoman kind, to care for and love me;
Covered me with her clothing, wrapped me in her raiment, With the same affection she felt for her own;
Until by the law of my life's shaping, Under alien bosom I quickened with breath.
My foster mother fed me thereafter, Until I grew sturdy and strengthened for flight.
Then of her dear ones, of daughters and sons, She had the fewer for what she did.

Dear Jack... - logic puzzle


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You can complete the letter below negatively and positively by inserting . , ! or ? (You can not remove any words or change the order of them!)

Dear Jack,

I want a man who knows what love is all about you you are genious kind throughfull people who are not like you admit to being to uselers and infenor you have ruined me for other man I yearn for you I have no feelings what so ever when we are apart I can be forever happy - will you let me be yours Jill

Daytime - logic puzzle


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What has four legs in the evening, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?