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Planting trees - logic puzzle


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Somebody would like to have a new garden with 10 trees which have to stand in 5 rows of 4 trees each. How can he or she achieve this?
After the new garden has been layed out, neigbor Sym becomes enthousiastic. He says: "I also would like to have a new garden with trees. But it should have 12 trees which have to be planted in 6 rows of 4 trees each. Furthermore, my garden should be symmetric." How will his garden look like? And can you tell something more about Sym?


Step 1
Plant the first tree en draw through this tree two lines at random. On these lines the other trees will be planted.
bomen planten

Step 2
Now draw a random line through the other two lines. At the crossings you plant a tree.
bomen planten

Step 3
Draw a random line that goes through the tree other lines. Again, plant a tree at the crossings.
bomen planten

Step 4
Draw a random line that goes throug 4 lines. At the 4 crossings you again place a tree.
bomen planten
In this way you will always end up with a garden in which 10 trees are in 5 rows of 4 trees each.

The garden of neighbor Sym would look as follows. He probably is jewish because his trees are planted as a star of David.
bomen planten