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The pzzls eye test - science puzzle


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Close one of your two eyes. Move your head close to the monitor and watch concentratedly to the left circle if you closed your left eye. You should look to the right circle if you closed your right eye. Keep watching and move your head slowly backwards while checking the other circle. What happens? And how is that possible?
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If you're head is about 20 centimeters away from the monitor, you suddenly will not see one of the two circles anymore (the one which you did not watch closely).

The reason is that in that case the circle is projected on the so-called blind spot of your eye. The blind spot is a special place in the eye in which there are no cells which can detect light. Therefore anything which is projected on the blind spot is not seen by the eye. The blind spot has a function though, it is the place at which the eye is connected to the nerves which bring the information of the eye to the brain.
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