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Workaholic - science puzzle


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On a particular evening a business man decides to work for some hours at his office in London because his wife gets out with her friends. After some hard work he opens the curtains of his office and looks outside (see the picture), but immediately he gets in panic. Why? city at night


The business man did work for a really long time. It is almost sunset.

The moon goes approximately the same way through the sky as the sun does, so at the northern hemisphere, the moon goes from east to south to north. The business man looks through the window in southern direction. Because the left side of the moon is lighted by the sun, the sun should also be on the left side. This implies that the sun is in the east. So it is already the second part of the night.

Remark: one can see that the moon is in its last quarter. If the moon is in its last quarter, on the northern hemisphere moonrise will only occur in the second half of the night for the reasons explained above.