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Vandaag is het 8 August 2022

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Insurance company - logic puzzle


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A man would like to take a new health insurance. An officer taking care of these matters says to the man: "Please tell me how many children you have." The man answers: "I have three of them." The officer: "What are the ages of your children?". The man answers: "The product of the ages is equal to 36." The officer replies: "This is not enough information Sir!". "Sorry that I was a little bit unclear, but the sum of the ages is equal to the number of shops in front of your office," says the man. The officer: "This still isn't enough information Sir!". The man replies: "My oldest child loves chocolate." The officer: "Thanks for your cooperation, I now know the ages."
Are you as smart as the officer? Then give the ages of the children.

Brick tower - science puzzle


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Suppose you have an infinite number of bricks and no cement or another material to connect the bricks to each other. You would like to build a tower like the one in the figure. How many bricks do you need in order to build a tower in which the highest brick is shifted three bricks with respect to the lowest brick?


Cigarettes - logic puzzle


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Two men are sitting around a round table. They both have an infinite amount of cigarettes. The men are going to play a game. Each turn they have to lie down one cigarette on the table. The rules are simple: two cigarettes may never touch each other and the game will end when it is impossible to add another cigarette.

The one who lies down the last cigarette has won. Who will win this game (suppose that both players play the best possibly move), the one who starts the game or the one who plays the second cigarette?
table with cigarettes